Loneliness is not a matter of being physically alone but feeling an absence of connectedness with other close relations or friends, anything other than oneself..
Forging a link outside oneself is what gives us a feeling of being a part of what is outside us .There are examples of how one can forge this connectedness.
1. A prisoner in solitary confinement had only a sky light to see the world outside. He used to watch the sky -its changing colours.He asked for materials to paint the sky in its varied deportment. His paintings SKYSCAPE became famous
2.A prisoner in solitary confinement saw a little bird, apparently injured, sitting on the barred window..He picked it up through the grill, nursed it to health; asked for books on ornithology; wrote articles..He became famous as the ‘Birdman of Alcatraz”
Whatever the situation, we seek a link outside ourselves.

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