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  • Submit the article in a Doc or a compatible format after copy editing. All submissions are digital ( of course).
  • Submit original poems, images, podcasts, or any form of AV content.
  • Check with the team before submission as to the parameters of the image or audio and the digital format.
  • Make sure it is your own article and you own the copyright if you have published it, or  plan to publish it somewhere else.
  • We are happy to carry a linked submission such as an image or a meme ( yes, we accept cartoons too)  so long as it is suited to the overall purpose and quality of our website.
  • Put your name on the file attachment and a short description or abstract in the email that you send us.
  • Remember,
  • Our articles are peer reviewed. And submission does not guarantee publication.
  • We also may take your submission off the website or withhold it from showing on the site (if the need arises due to any technical or editorial decision).
  • Don’t plagiarize, use your own feet to walk, or you may end up as a small footnote in our office mails.


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  • you to tell us what the music is- let us know clearly  who you are, what you want to collaborate with us about- organise a workshop for children, conduct courses, or join you on a new project.
  • We will direct you to our individual team members who would be happy to speak with you and take things ahead.
  • Give us a few days to respond, then send a reminder.


  • Please do not spam us. We will philosophically react to everything, even spams. We may end up using your spam message for our next paper ( without citing you).


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